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If you are looking for a computer music player and have never tried AIMP well, you are missing out on the best program, one that has everything you can expect and much more. Indeed, we are talking about a completely free service, thanks to which you will not only be able to listen to your favorite music but also play a little at being a DJ or make live recordings of certain content.

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An Overview of AIMP

Indeed, AIMP is considered by many to be the direct successor to the historic Winamp, and even the use of dark and orange tones, which occurred in both cases, helps to reinforce this theory of the most romantic. If Winamp knew how to mark an entire generation by offering more functions than most competitors, the same thing would happen when considering this application.

In principle, when playing audio files, which is the primary use we will give AIMP, we will not only be able to take advantage of those in classic formats such as MP3 or WAV. It is a tool that also has support for many other less common formats, such as the following: MP1, MP2, MOD, MO3, OGG, S3M, UMX, CDA, AIF, IT, MID, KAR, RMI, AAC, M3U, M3U8, MPC, WV, APE, WMA, XM, FLAC, CUE or PLC.

AIMP has, how could it be otherwise, its well-made equalizer, thanks to which we can apply all kinds of effects on top of the song we are playing. Some of them are to add echo, reverb, improve choirs, etc. In addition, you can change the playback speed so that it runs more or less quickly. It is always from the DSP Manager section.

But beyond all this, the main reason to recommend the installation of AIMP to any user is the above-average sound quality that this player can offer. It happens that we are in the presence of a program to listen to music that improves our experience as fans or listeners, which is fundamental in this type of case.

In any case, we will continue telling you about some of the attractive features AIMP tries to win us over, starting with the possibility of browsing through its contents using a tab system, like some of today’s main browsers. In addition to that, this player is capable of integrating with the Windows File Explorer to be able to launch the songs in it simply by right-clicking on them.

Of course, AIMP also allows us to create our playlists based on the songs we have stored on the computer, to play only the pieces we want to listen to at certain times. And to that, we must add the possibility of completely configuring the information and data we see of each song played in the application.

The recording of radio broadcasts is another of its qualities that cannot go unnoticed in any way. If you have a favorite program you want to listen to at another time, thanks to this application, you won’t miss it.

On the interface of AIMP, it is necessary to stop essentially. First, the latest versions of these applications have greatly improved both the aesthetic and functional aspects compared to the previous ones. But also, remember that we are in the presence of a highly customizable application, which has many skins, thanks to which we can modify it to suit our aesthetic tastes.

The main positive points that any user will find when using AIMP as their music player are the excellent sound quality, the support for the vast majority of the usual formats, and others not so common these days. And, of course, it is impossible not to take into account that it is an application that, visually speaking, is entirely customizable.

And since it rarely happens to us, when analyzing the program in search of the worst of AIMP, we have yet to find any heavy elements to mention since the truth complies with all essential points of view. In some versions before the latest, we could have mentioned its original interface, which could have been better; it has been optimized remarkably.

In conclusion, AIMP is the music player that, from every point of view, you have to install on your computer, and it fulfills each of the characteristics you would expect from software of this type. In addition, its playback quality is above average, and you will never again encounter those error messages due to formats incompatible with your player.

Characteristics of AIMP

  • General: Localizations have been updated
  •  General: 3rd party libraries have been updated
  •  Sound engine: improved preset search algorithm by genre
  •  Fixed: good engine – ASIO – an error occurs on an attempt to initialize the device using more than eight channels
  •  Fixed: good engine – MP4 – the BASS decoders try to play an mp3 stream from an mp4 file as a regular mp3 file, leading to an incorrect result
  •  Selected: tags – ID3v2 – the “album artists” field ignores multiple values
  •  Fixed: music library – issues related to viewport restoring after data changes
  •  Fixed: plugins – WebLyrics – the \uXXXX macro does not handle
  •  Fixed other minor issues



System Requirements

Operating systems: Windows 11, 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.
(32-bit, 64-bit)

Data Sheet

Software: AIMP
Language: Multilingual
Developer: AIMP
Medicine: FreeWare

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