Autokroma AfterCodecs 1.10.11

Aftercodecs is a specific tool made in the form of an add-on for After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Media Encoder. At its core, it is a more advanced exporter of render video, working faster and better than stock engines of the listed programs.

The exporter in question makes it possible to render not only faster but also with a smaller output file size, which is achieved by using codecs such as ProRes, H264, H265, and HAP. The listed codecs allow you to refuse to use third-party software like QuickTime by exporting video, for example, for Youtube as up to 8K ( and not 4K, as in analogs). For decoding, H264 and H265 AfterCodecs use FFmpeg, while the user gets the right to choose: quick decoding to create previews or lower file size for the final download.

It will also be useful for the speed of processing that when rendering using AfterCodecs, you do not need to refer to the command line or be afraid of creating huge temporary files by the application: the average rendering time is faster by 15% than the QuickTime protocol.

Separately, it should be noted that the FFmpeg container may not be available on the user’s computer, and it will have to be downloaded additionally good, inside the program, there is an appropriate option for downloading. As a result, thanks to the AfterCodecs plugin, working with video at the last stage of export not only simplifies to a couple of clicks but also accelerates by using the latest ( codecs with a maximum increase of up to 30% )

Main Features of Autokroma AfterCodecs

  • Filling the codec gap
  • H264 / H265: the best and fastest compression
  • Optimize your workflow!


Autokroma AfterCodecs
Autokroma AfterCodecs
Autokroma AfterCodecs
Technical Requirements

macOS Intel and Apple Silicon: 10.12 to 12 (Monterey)
Microsoft Windows 10 / Windows 11
Adobe 2014 to 2023 included

Data Sheet

Software: Autokroma AfterCodecs
Language: Multilangual
Developer: Autokroma
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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