Avanza Geographic Imager for Adobe Photoshop 6.6

Avanza Geographic Imager expands the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop, making working with spatial images quick and efficient. It adds tools for importing, editing, managing, and exporting geospatial images such as aerial photographs and satellite imagery. Enjoy the use of the embedded Adobe Photoshop features, such as transparency, filters, pixel editing, and image settings such as brightness, contrast, and curve control while maintaining spatial reference.

Geographic imager supports GeoTIFF in Adobe Photoshop and other standard bitmap formats Mosaic and mosaic images, projection changes, conversion, correction, and binding of images to ground control points. Complete batch image processing using the Geographic Imager and Adobe Photoshop scripting capabilities. Geographic Imager, a great MAPublisher assistant for Adobe Illustrator, prepare images in Geographic Imager and use them in MAPublisher.

Features of Avanza Geographic Imager

Geographic Imager Panel.
The Geographic Imager ® panel, redesigned for Adobe Photoshop CS5, provides quick and easy access to all tools and functions. All spatial information related to GeoTIFF, DEM, ECW, MrSID, or other supported images, including a coordinate system, the world location of the angles, and the size of the pixels, displayed with buttons to access various functions of a geographic image scanner. There is more time left to edit geospatial data, rather than search for tools.

Preservation of spatial properties.
Geographic Imager allows you to use the built-in Adobe Photoshop functions without violating the spatial properties of GeoTIFF, DEM, ECW, MrSID, or another spatial image. Easy to manipulate and configure visual elements such as designations and color levels, histograms, shades, and sharpness. Spatial image properties are automatically updated and stored even after cropping, turning or geospatial adjustment is performed. This is important in industries such as photogrammetry and remote sensing, where it is necessary for analysis.

Import and export of spatial images improved.
Import and manage geo-referenced images in Adobe Photoshop, such as GeoTIFF, NITF, PCI, and other compatible raster data formats, including support for CIR, RGB, and other multispectral and multi-channel data. Extended imports allow you to crop images during the ( import process before they open ), which makes it a great way to crop large images.

Geospatial PDF support.
Create Adobe Acrobat PDF files containing coordinate systems from the Geographic Imager image, or import and modify existing documents

Geospatial PDF. Easy to share or publish them online.
Find locations, measure distances, perimeters, and areas, add location markers and adjust export options. Take geospatial cards in PDF format on the go using the PDF Maps application for iOS.

Import height data.
Import DEM formats such as Arc Info ASCII Grid, ArcInfo Binary Grid, USGS DEM ASCII / CDED, Military Elevation Data / DTED, and SRTM. Assign a DEM scheme during import to facilitate rendering. Aerial photography overlay for creating custom images.

Shader landscape.
Create stained embossed maps from the MTCT data in Adobe Photoshop quickly and easily using the Terrain Shader function. Control intensity and light source. Define height intervals for the custom color palette.

Geographic-referenced images.
Import or add ground reference points for the exact geographic reference of aerial photographs or satellite imagery with multiple conversion support. Rate residual errors to improve the geo-image and save the data of the control points in the form of reference files. Quick binding at one binder point, two binder points, or other documents.

Extensive support for thousands of geographic and projection coordinate systems with the ability to save user definitions for future use. Concentrate images using customizable central meridian and change pixel resolution.

Mosaic of raster images to create a seamless image. Save images as separate layers or select them to create one image. Now supports image conversion during mosaics, which makes it easy to get images the way you want. In addition, now you can create seamless mosaics of images with different coordinate systems, pixel sizes, channels, and color modes.

Tile. Combine raster data into multiple images by size or the number of sheets and automatically save tiles using sequential naming to any supported spatial image format. Great for converting large satellite images into smaller fragments and displaying them on the Internet.

The SeoSgor tool allows you to crop images based on a combination of pixels or geographical coordinates ( geodetic and projected ). Easy to determine the coordinates or draw a trim area to see the preview. Extended imports allow you to crop images on time of import, which makes it a great way to crop large images without the need for their preliminary opening.

Combine and split channels.
Added support for merging and splitting Adobe Photoshop channels. Useful for remote sensing, creating images with complex and true colors while preserving all geographic bindings.

Automate tasks.
Create scripts and actions of the Geographic Imager and Adobe Photoshop tools to automate recurring tasks. All Geographic Imager tools are compatible with automation.

System Requirements

Operating systems: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

Data Sheet

Software: Avanza Geographic Imager
Language: Multilangual
Developer: Avanza
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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