Avira Phantom VPN Pro

Use the virtual private network to relocate your IP address and smoothly access domestic and foreign streaming media. Download Avira Phantom VPN Pre_Activated on your device, and you become an anonymous network ghost.

Avira Phantom VPN Pro Repack Free Download

Avira Phantom VPN Pro Repack is a virtual private network, it can use its private server and advanced encryption standards to make your network activities in a completely anonymous state. Avira VPN Pro Repack provides users with a large number of servers all over the world, allowing them to access networks in multiple countries and regions.

Avira VPN will relocate your personal IP address to one of its many servers and at the same time encrypt your data in the process. This allows you to browse the web safely, without revealing your information, and at the same time, you can bypass geographic restrictions. In addition, your location will be shown as one of Avira’s many servers instead of your actual IP address.

Whether you want to shop abroad, access streaming media or access restricted content, you can use Avira’s massive server network to do so. Use Avira Phantom VPN Pro Repack to stay away from insecure networks at home and abroad and unlock access to all content on the network.

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Features of Avira Phantom VPN Pro Repack

Unlimited devices-

Avira Phantom VPN can be connected to multiple devices as needed to safely browse the web and hide your payment information, password, personal IP address, etc. Desktops, laptops, and mobile phones can all be connected to Avira Phantom VPN.

Securely connect to the public network-

Whether traveling abroad or staying at home, the risk of exposing your information on the public network is real. As we all know, the security of public networks is very poor, and it is usually easy for hackers to manipulate them. However, after connecting to Avira Phantom VPN, you can safely complete data encryption and go online without worrying about your information being leaked.

Watch your favorite media anytime, anywhere-

Easy connection to Avira Phantom VPN allows you to access your favorite media on popular streaming sites or paid services no matter where you are. Want to play video games with friends abroad-no problem. Just jump to a foreign server to challenge all international friends!

Professional support-

Weak technical support prevents Avira from becoming a giant in the software industry, so its staff can only be ready to help you solve any problems that may cause trouble.


For a large company like Avira Pro, it is disappointing that it is unable to create a higher-quality VPN to meet the needs of its consumers.

Most people believe that Avira Phantom VPN is not up to the standard of a good VPN. This service has many good features, but it does have some serious shortcomings. One of the most serious shortcomings is probably that the speed of this service is very slow. After connecting to this VPN, the overall browsing speed will be reduced by 90%. For people who often browse multiple web pages, this is a problem that cannot be ignored.

In addition, Avira is located outside of Germany, and Germany has issued very strict laws and regulations on the use of VPN and their recording method. Although many VPNs from the region claim to allow users to surf the Internet anonymously and without logging, they are likely to track certain data because this is a legal requirement in Germany and many other Western countries (such as the United States and the United Kingdom). This puts this VPN in a situation where it is almost forced to collect user data.

However, Avira did make it possible for users to connect to Netflix, which is what many other VPNs are working on. This feature alone is enough to attract users to use this service. Finally, Avira does use a fairly high level of encryption technology, while also preventing DNS leaks.

All in all, Avira is a pretty good service that can indeed meet the needs of most people who use VPNs, but overall it can also make a lot of improvements to its speed and logging requirements. Internet users who frequently access streaming media can replace Avira with other faster VPNs.

System Requirements

Avira Phantom VPN Pro is available on Microsoft Windows PC for Multilangual

Data Sheet

Software: Avira Phantom VPN Pro
Language: Multilangual
Developer: Avira
Medicine: Pre-Activated

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