Bitsum Process Lasso

Process Lasso Download Free helps to solve the problem when Windows, by default, allows programs to completely load the central processor, which leads to the system freezing and, accordingly, inconvenience.

Process Lasso Review:

Process Lasso Pro is a unique debugging-level system optimization tool. Its main function is to dynamically adjust the priority of each process and set it to a reasonable priority class to achieve the purpose of reducing the burden on the system.

This feature is defined by Bitsum Process Lasso from bitsum highest performance as overload suppression (Out-of-control restraint), which can effectively avoid symptoms such as blue screen, false death, the process stops responding, and process consuming too much CPU time. 

At the same time, it also has additional features such as foreground process advancement, working set trimming, and process blacklist. And it supports command line operation and remote management of the server “=” client, and the kernel can run separately from the user interface, so it is generally suitable for ordinary home users and professional working environments.

The utility neatly realigns the priorities of running programs, so that processes that previously loaded the entire CPU will no longer affect the response of the system.


  • Dynamic balancing of the priority of processes to optimize performance
  • Using standard process priorities
  • Acceleration in the foreground
  • Limited the number of running copies of any programs
  • Prohibiting the launch of specific programs
  • Keeping statistics of running processes
  • Dynamic graph of system load
  • The separate core engine program
  • Support for 32-bit and 64-bit systems

Graphical Interface Features:

  • Easy installation rules of priorities and process affinity to the default CPU
  • If desired, the display of tooltips to notify you at the time of actions
  • A unique system for calculating the reactivity of the system and displaying a graph


Bitsum Process Lasso
Bitsum Process Lasso
Bitsum Process Lasso
System Requirements

Works fine for Windows 7/8/10/11 or later for both 32&64 bits workstations or server

Data Sheet

Software: Process Lasso Pro
Interface: English
Developer: Bitsum
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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