Bulk Crap Uninstaller 5.6

Bulk Crap Uninstaller, commonly referred to as BCUninstaller or BCU, is a complimentary (in terms of freedom of expression and gratuity) comprehensive software uninstaller endowed with sophisticated automation. Bulk Crap Uninstaller surpasses expectations by effectively eliminating copious applications, necessitating minimal or virtually no user intervention, thereby obviating the need for extensive technical expertise.


This remarkable tool possesses the ability to identify a myriad of applications and games, including those that are portable or unregistered. Furthermore, it adeptly purges residual fragments, facilitates forceful uninstallation, executes automatic removal based on preconfigured listings, and offers an array of other invaluable features.


  • Identify and eradicate Windows Store applications
  • Efficiently eliminate multiple items simultaneously to expedite the procedure
  • Uninstall numerous applications in a singular batch
  • The uninstallation process necessitates minimal user input
  • Thoroughly detect and eliminate remnants post-uninstallation
  • Capable of uninstalling certain applications that lack built-in uninstallers
  • Identify applications with faulty or absent uninstallers
  • Uninstall lists for automated operations
  • Startup management functionality
  • Validation of uninstaller certificates
  • Completely portable, where settings are stored within a solitary file

Changelog Bulk Crap Uninstaller v5.6

  • Enhanced Dutch translations by @ckielstra in #459
  • Further Dutch refinements by @NekoJonez in #471
  • French localization update by Thierry in 508d49d
  • Traditional Chinese translation by @Henryliu880922 in 3cf5d93
  • Enable multi-select functionality in the Uninstall Confirmation dialog by @Klocman in f2060f7
  • Exclude 7z.exe from the executable search blacklist by @Klocman in c930c72
  • Enhance the handling of the InstallDate format by @Klocman in d1f168a
  • Prevent SelectedUninstallers from containing null values by @Klocman in f3c0fe5
  • Prevent crashes in MainWindow.OnDpiChanged by @Klocman in 7c007af
  • Search the AppData/Programs directories for applications by @Klocman in 223bbd5
  • Update Steam detection by @Klocman in 3fcdaff
  • Resolved GetFullPath crash in SteamFactory.FindJunk by @Klocman in be01b5d
  • Fixed PlayCorrespondingSystemSound FileNotFoundException crash by @Klocman in 5ad1671
  • Fixed incorrect saving of UninstallerListDoubleClickAction setting by @Klocman in 57174e7
  • Resolved unavailability of ratings for Scoop by @Klocman in a3fb12f
  • Fixed erroneous merging of certain distinct applications by @Klocman in e4b5147
  • Fixed the malfunctioning “Uninstall BCUninstaller” menu option by @Klocman in 2b90f32
  • Fixed version extraction by @Klocman in b3253f9
  • Refined project files; corrected AnyCPU target to actually be x64 by @Klocman in dab6bf3
  • Removed unnecessary packages.config files by @Klocman in 4e610e6
  • Update packages by @Klocman in d8e06a0
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Software: Bulk Crap Uninstaller
Language: Multilanguage
Medicine: Freeware

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