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Calibre Portable Free Download
Calibre Portable Free Download

Calibre is a very easy-to-use e-book management software. Through the software, users can not only read books or convert file formats but also convert image files and web pages into electronic documents, making the content of e-books rich and colourful.

An Overview of Calibre Portable

Calibre can complete the management and format conversion of e-books in various formats. This software is precious for students who have e-readers or E-Ink devices such as mobile phones/iPads. If you think of e-books as MP3 music, Calibre’s functions can be compared to iTunes. It can also convert news or RSS downloads on the Internet into an e-book format and synchronize it to related reading devices. It is a handy function.

Calibre can download the metadata of books from websites such as Google Books or Amazon, including information such as the name, author, publisher, and cover, or read book reviews. Calibre is like an e-book library. It supports most formats of e-book files. You can add e-books to Calibre by dragging the files with the mouse.

Characteristics of Calibre Portable

  • Calibre Portable is a portable version of the popular ebook management software Calibre.
  • It allows users to manage their ebook library on the go without the need for installation.
  • It can be stored and run from a USB drive or portable device.
  • It supports various ebook formats, including EPUB, MOBI, PDF, and more.
  • Users can easily add, edit, and organize their ebook collection using the intuitive interface.
  • It provides options for converting ebooks between different formats.
  • Calibre Portable offers a built-in ebook viewer, allowing users to read their ebooks directly within the software.
  • It includes features for editing ebook metadata, such as title, author, cover image, and more.
  • Users can quickly transfer ebooks to their e-reader devices using Calibre Portable.
  • It supports syncing with online ebook libraries, allowing users to access their ebooks from multiple devices.

Data Sheet

Software: Calibre Portable
Language: Multilingual
Developer: Calibre
Medicine: Full_Version

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