Cerberus FTP Server Enterprise 13.2.1

Cerberus FTP Server Enterprise Pre-Activated
Cerberus FTP Server Enterprise

Cerberus FTP Server is a robust and secure file transfer protocol (FTP) server that allows easy and fast file transfer within organizations. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities, making it a popular choice among businesses of all sizes.

An Overview of Cerberus FTP Server

With Cerberus FTP Server, users can easily upload, download, and manage files securely using various protocols such as FTPS, SFTP, and HTTPS. To ensure secure data transmission, it provides advanced security features, including encryption, user authentication, and IP allowlisting. Additionally, this software offers a user-friendly interface and supports advanced automation and customization options, making it highly efficient and adaptable for organizations with diverse file transfer needs.

Overall, Cerberus FTP Server is a comprehensive and reliable solution for organizations seeking a secure and efficient file transfer system. It is a Windows-based file transfer solution that allows fast and efficient transfers of files between servers and clients. It supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and HTTPS protocols, ensuring secure file transfers. It is a user-friendly and customizable software that enables you to tailor it to your needs.

Characteristics of Cerberus FTP Server

  • Secure file transfer protocol (FTP) server
  • Support for secure protocols such as FTPS, SFTP, and HTTPS
  • Advanced security features, including SSL/TLS encryption, IP filtering, and user authentication
  • Web-based administration interface for easy management and configuration
  • Active Directory and LDAP integration for user authentication and permissions
  • Virtual folders and virtual directory mappings for organizing and managing files
  • Advanced logging and reporting capabilities for monitoring server activity
  • Bandwidth throttling and transfer speed limits for managing network resources
  • Support for IPv6 and IPv4 addressing
  • High availability options for load balancing and failover
  • Integration with external systems and applications through API and event-handling mechanisms

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Data Sheet

Software: Cerberus FTP Server
Language: Multilingual
Developer: Cerberus
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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