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Chaos Vantage Pre-Activated

Chaos Vantage is a groundbreaking real-time ray tracing and visualization platform designed by Chaos Group, the makers of the renowned V-Ray rendering engine.

An Overview of Chaos Vantage

Initially known as Project Lavina, this software allows artists and designers to effortlessly import and explore massive 3D scenes and models interactively without requiring time-consuming rendering or optimization. Its user-friendly interface leverages the power of NVIDIA RTX graphics cards to deliver photorealistic visuals in real-time, enabling immediate feedback and decision-making in the creative workflow.

This tool is precious for architecture, design, and visual effects professionals, who require a fast and intuitive method to showcase their projects in the most realistic light possible. The platform supports direct import of data from 3D applications and industry-standard file formats, ensuring seamless integration into existing pipelines. Eliminating the barriers traditionally associated with high-quality rendering empowers creatives to iterate and present their visions with unparalleled speed and convenience.

Features of Chaos Vantage

  • Real-time Ray Tracing
  • Easy Model Import
  • Interactive Scene Exploration
  • No Scene Simplification Needed
  • Live Link with 3ds Max
  • One-click Navigation
  • Physics-Based Materials
  • Simple Material Editing
  • Lighting Options
  • Animation Support
  • Interactive Photo Realism
  • VR Compatibility
  • AI Denoiser
  • No Rendering Limits
  • Movie Output
  • Customizable Settings
  • Free with NVIDIA RTX

Data Sheet

Software: Chaos Vantage
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Chaos
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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