Cinema Grade 1.1.15

Cinema Grade Pre-Activated
Cinema Grade Pre-Activated

Cinema grade film is a type of film that has been specifically designed for use in professional cinematography.

An Overview of Cinema Grade

It is a higher-quality film stock than traditional consumer-grade film and provides superior color accuracy, sharpness, and contrast. It is also designed to be more forgiving in low-light settings, making it ideal for shooting in difficult lighting conditions.

Cinema grade film is typically more expensive than consumer-grade film, but it offers superior image quality and is preferred by professional cinematographers. Additionally, cinema-grade films often have advanced features such as motion blur reduction and increased dynamic range, allowing for more creative shooting options.

Characteristics of Cinema Grade

• 4K HDR Color Grading
• Professional Color Palettes
• Film Emulation LUTs
• Advanced Color Correction
• Image Stabilization
• Noise Reduction
• HDR and SDR Conversions
• Light Wrap Effects
• Motion Blur and De-Blur
• High-end Beauty Retouching

Data Sheet

Software: Cinema Grade
Developer: Cinema Grade
Interface: Silent Install
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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