CLO Standalone

CLO Standalone
CLO Standalone Pre-Activated

CLO Standalone is an advanced software application designed for the fashion and apparel industries, which facilitates a 3D visualization of clothing designs.

An Overview of CLO Standalone

It provides designers with a powerful toolkit to create realistic simulations of garments, enabling them to visualize their designs on virtual models and make adjustments before any physical sample is produced. This boasts a user-friendly interface that accommodates the intricacies of fabric properties, allowing users to import different fabric types and accurately simulate their drape and texture.

The software supports an iterative design process, where changes can be made quickly, and the effects viewed immediately. This not only enhances the creative process but also significantly reduces the time and resources traditionally required for developing multiple prototypes. With features like pattern creation, grading, sewing, and even animation, it is transforming the apparel industry by bridging the gap between conceptual design and ready-to-produce patterns, thus streamlining the workflow from design to manufacturing.

Characteristics of CLO Standalone

  • GPU Simulation Capability
  • Avatar Dimension Customization Tool
  • CLOSET Technical Package
  • Gleaming and Luminescent Material
  • Augmented Rendering Ambiance
  • Optimized Notch Implementation
  • Precision-Oriented Ruler and Guidelines
  • Enhanced Fastening Mechanism
  • Alignment of Grainlines in Parity with Segments
  • Variably Tinted Surface Area

Data Sheet

Software: CLO Standalone
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: CLO3D
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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