Comic Life 3.5.21

Comic Life Free Download
Comic Life Free Download

Comic Life is an application designed for lovers of this type of graphic publication, which will allow you to use your computer to create your own stories, comics, or comic strips, using predetermined images and formats. No matter what kind of plot or characters you have in mind, you should know that thanks to this comic creation suite, you can quickly become a professional in the field.

Comic Life Description

The way Comic Life works is without a doubt one of its great advantages over others for creating this type of content, since once you open it, you’ll have to select one of the many templates that are available. As you will see in the images that accompany this description, not only are there several possible models, but you can also modify them absolutely from every point of view.

Once you have the page in question open, which will serve as a guide, then you will be able to insert absolutely all the changes that you consider necessary, to capture the different action scenes between the characters. The best thing about Comic Life is that we have all kinds of content that we can modify so that it generates a sensation of calm dialogue, of a fight, or of thought on the part of the characters.


Comic Life
Comic Life
Comic Life

Comic Life’s customization capacity transforms it without a doubt into one of the best alternatives that we can find in this field since the number of templates is high, as well as the number of additions for each frame. And even if you’re not convinced by the predefined options, you can also design your comic completely from scratch, although that will take more time, of course.

Not only that but also the background sounds of the application have been very well done, allowing us to make the most of the game environment, because after all, what we are going to do the most in these cases is to have fun, of course.

If you have already used comic creation programs before, you will see that although most of them respect the classic contents, such as dividing the pages into panels, or the possibility of adding dialogues and others, in few cases do we have such an abundance of options so that it gives us the feeling that everything has been decided by us.

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Comic Life is even extremely easy to add speech bubbles or expressions to the characters since you only have to scroll through the ones that are available, and when you like one, click on it and drag it to the cartoon. In the case of dialogues, of course, you can modify the text as many times as you think is necessary until each character expresses what they should.

What other aspects of my comics can I modify? Almost everything you want, from the color, size, and type of the font beyond the text, to its alignment to one side or the other of the screen. You’ll also be able to determine which elements should appear in the foreground and which should remain in the background, modify the style of each lettering, change the background color of the page, and many others.

Even if the images that are added to the program by default are not of your interest, you can always create a photo file of your own, which will allow you to access documents that range from images to previous presentations made. In this way, if you have already worked even with other comic creation platforms, you can import them manually so as not to lose those advances you have made.

Comic Life is quite interesting, at the same time, that once you have finished making your comics, you will be able to export the contents in various formats, dissimilar among them, according to the type of use you want to give these contents. For example, you will have the chance to export them in image formats, or in HTML if you want to access their code. If you intend to send the comic directly by email, you can do it from Comic Life.

In the case of wanting to export the comic in image format, you have to know that you can do it in both JPG and PNG, and as we know, the first of these options offers us lighter images in terms of their weight, although they store less information than the second ones, which are a little heavier in their size.

In short, we can say that this is one of the most original programs we’ve seen, one that has absolutely all the tools that users who want to create comics can look for on such a platform. If you’ve been wanting to put your imagination to the test for a long time and comics represent your publication ideal, you probably won’t find better applications than this one to take your first steps.

Now, unfortunately, Comic Life is not a completely free program, because although we can use it without paying for 30 days, that is, a month, once that time has expired we will have to pay to be able to continue taking advantage of it. In any case, we consider that it is more than enough time for you to do some tests, and be sure if it is worth spending money to have it permanently on your computer.

System Requirements

Operating systems: Windows 11, 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.
On the other hand, the hardware requirements such as hard disk space, ram memory,
processor, screen resolution, and others are really minimal
that it is not necessary to specify them.

Data Sheet

Software: Comic Life
Language: Multilangual
Developer: plasq
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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