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Download the Computer Repair Shop Software full version for Windows PC for free. This software represents excellence in Repair Tracking, Inventory Management, Point of Sale (POS), and CRS (Computer Repair Shop) solutions, catering specifically to Computer Shops and IT Technicians. Prepare to be astounded by its comprehensive features and groundbreaking capabilities.


Reviews of Computer Repair Shop Software

Whether you embark on a solo endeavor or lead an established establishment dedicated to computer, mobile, and cell phone repairs, this software is tailor-made to elevate your repair efficiency and augment your revenue. Embrace the power of organization and witness its transformative impact on your operations.

Computer Repair Shop Software offers the flexibility of accommodating single-user and multi-user environments. For those overseeing a chain of stores, seamless coordination among various locations is effortlessly achievable. Its user-friendly Calendar tool enables you to manage your time precisely, ensuring optimal performance.


Experience the swiftness of ticket updates through pre-designed messages, enabling you to respond promptly and concisely to customer inquiries. Seamlessly integrate with renowned platforms such as Google and Skype, expanding the horizons of your connectivity. Effortlessly add or modify appointments directly from the repair ticket, streamlining your workflow.

Minimize your typing efforts by employing the built-in canned messages, effectively expediting the creation of invoices and reports. Embrace the comprehensive functionality of Repair Tracking, Point of Sale, Inventory Management, Repeat Billing, and other seamlessly integrated features. Enhance your business workflows by integrating with Google Calendar, Kashflow Accounting, Livedrive, and other time-saving applications.

Send emails from any location and marvel at how your tickets automatically update with the corresponding repair notes. Leverage the power of your own on-premises SQL Server Database to generate custom reports and effortlessly export your valuable data. Revel in the abundance of built-in reports, ranging from customer address maps and financial statements to insights on your most valued clientele and beyond.

Seamlessly integrate Livedrive Online Backup into your operations, safeguarding your invaluable data and providing peace of mind.


  • Enhance Shop Efficiency through RepairShopr’s Streamlined Processes
  • Efficient Communication via Email Marketing
  • Seamless Integrations for Optimal Performance
  • Cutting-Edge Software for Computer Repair Shops
  • Comprehensive Solutions for Cell Phone Repair
  • A Multitude of Repair Services
  • From Bicycles and Jewelry to Watches and Scuba Gear
  • Including Automobiles, Cameras, Small Engines, Drones, and Shoe Repair
  • Whatever your repair needs may be, we’ve got you covered!

Remark: Likely only for Windows 10 Sql Database install only next all. Let it auto-install.

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Likely only for Windows 10…

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