ControlMyNikon Pre-Activated
ControlMyNikon Pre-Activated

ControlMyNikon is a comprehensive camera control system for Nikon digital cameras.

An Overview of ControlMyNikon

It allows users to control camera settings, adjust exposure, and take photos directly from their PC. It also offers advanced features such as remote triggering, tethered shooting, and time-lapse photography.

ControlMyNikon is compatible with Windows and PC operating systems and gives users an easy way to get the most out of their Nikon cameras. Its simple-to-use interface allows users to quickly and easily access the various camera settings and features that make their Nikon cameras potent tools.

Characteristics of ControlMyNikon

  • Create timelapse sequences.
  • Program custom camera functions.
  • Take long-exposure shots with ease.
  • Support for multiple cameras simultaneously.
  • Monitor and control camera settings remotely.
  • Automatically transfer images to a computer or FTP server.
  • Automatically control camera settings such as shutter speed.

Data Sheet

Software: ControlMyNikon
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Tetherscript
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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