Coolmuster PDF Locker 2.5.20

Coolmuster PDF Locker
Coolmuster PDF Locker Pre-Activated

PDF. Coolmuster PDF Locker gives users a variety of security options to prevent their PDFs from being disturbed or manipulated without permission.

An Overview of Coolmuster PDF Locker

With this software, private and corporate users can easily put passwords on PDF files to keep them out of the hands of anyone unauthorized. Besides, one other function that the software offers is limiting what people who receive documents can do with them. For example, many users may wish to print only a single page or group of pages. At such times the software could save time and energy when instructions indicate that a certain number of copies must be made; otherwise, it’ll just say “no copies”.

This is critical as it ensures the confidentiality of information in users’ PDF documents. After all, this could be personal data, financial descriptions, or industrial secrets. Coolmuster PDF Locker’s clear interface ensures that securing PDF files is a simple process that won’t be a challenge. It can easily be handled on your platform, and, be it a business environment or personal, it provides the congenial setting to get secure files.TextChanged for use in a variety of scenarios, Coolmuster PDF Locker offers a reliable means to keep important PDF documents safe from tampering by others.

Features of Coolmuster PDF Locker

  • Password Protection
  • Permission Settings
  • Encryption Levels
  • Batch Processing
  • User-friendly Interface
  • No Quality Loss*
  • Drag and Drop Functionality

Data Sheet

Software: Coolmuster PDF Locker
Developer: Coolmuster
Interface: Silent Install
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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