DipTrace Pre-activated
DipTrace Pre-activated

DipTrace is an advanced computer-aided design (CAD) software for designing and creating printed circuit boards (PCBs).

An Overview of DipTrace

It is a powerful and user-friendly software offering users comprehensive tools to design, layout, and simulate PCBs. The software has many features, such as an extensive library of components, various PCB design formats, and a powerful auto-router for quickly laying out complex boards.

Users can add elements, manage board layers, and check trace lengths. DipTrace also provides easy-to-use schematic capture and PCB layout tools, making it an ideal choice for experienced engineers and novice users.

Characteristics of DipTrace

  • User Interface that Facilitates Easy Learning
  • Support for Multi-sheet and Hierarchical Schematics
  • Utilization of Shape-based Autorouter
  • Intelligent Manual Routing Tools
  • Broad Import and Export Capabilities
  • Accommodation of High-speed Signaling
  • Advanced Verifications and Real-time Design Rule Check (DRC)
  • Real-time 3D PCB Preview and STEP Export
  • Output Compatibility for Manufacturing Processes

Data Sheet

Software: DipTrace
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: DipTrace
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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