DirectX Redistributable 9.0c + NVIDIA PhysX 9.21.0713

DirectX is a set of components in the Windows operating system that allows software, primarily computer games, to interact directly with video and audio equipment. DirectX games can better use the multimedia acceleration features built into your hardware, improving multimedia performance.
Required for all versions of Windows operating systems.
NVIDIA PhysX—This technology offers better gameplay and a more intense gaming experience, delivering more realistic interactions between environments and characters than ever before. More realistic behavior makes the graphics look and feel much better.
Repackaging Features:
– No Demo.
– Fixed a standard shortcut in the “Control Panel”
– Nvidia PhysX System Software v9.18.0907
– Nvidia PhysX System Software (Legacy) v9.13.0604
– Files: cudart32_30_9.dll, cudart64_30_9.dll, physxcudart64_20.dll, physxcudart_20.dll, cudart32_60.dll, cudart64_60.dll, cudart32_70.dll, cudart64_70.dll

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