DiskBoss Server 14.6.12

DiskBoss Server Pre-Activated
DiskBoss Server Pre-Activated

DiskBoss Server is an automated, rule-based file and disk management solution that allows users to perform various file management and disk space analysis operations on local disks, servers, and NAS storage devices.

An Overview of DiskBoss Server

DiskBoss Server provides built-in data analysis, classification, file search and cleanup capabilities, high-speed file synchronization, secure data migration, bulk file deletion, and secure data wiping capabilities. The DiskBoss Server background service provides a user-friendly web-based management interface for configuration, control, and monitoring.

It also supports scheduling and performing user-defined tasks, generating various pie charts, and storing reports for simplified and effective data management across enterprise storage systems. There are many plugins that you can use to get the job done for your specific tasks, which I am sure has made it a very versatile tool for handling large-scale file systems and managing data in terms of storing and organizing, etc.

Characteristics of DiskBoss Server

  • Disk space analysis
  • File classification and categorizing
  • Duplicate file detection and cleaning
  • High-speed file synchronization
  • Secure data migration
  • Bulk file deletion and secure data wiping
  • Automated, policy-based file management
  • Real-time disk change monitoring
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Advanced, rule-based disk space analysis
  • Detailed analysis, reports, and charts
  • Multi-threaded file system scanning
  • SQL database integration
  • Command line utility for scripting and integration
  • Customizable file classification plugins
  • Centralized management via a network
  • Support for long file names and Unicode file names
  • Support for all types of storage devices
  • Network shares and NAS storage management
  • Enterprise-level scalability and performance

Data Sheet

Software: DiskBoss Server
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: DiskBoss
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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