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Download DVD-Cloner Platinum 2023 v20 – Highly rated professional DVD copying software with perfect output image quality.

An Overview of DVD-Cloner Gold / Platinum

DVD-Cloner Platinum stands as a highly acclaimed professional software for duplicating DVDs, boasting impeccable output image quality. This remarkable tool can decode and replicate DVDs onto blank discs, offering a range of diverse copy modes suitable for playback on a myriad of media devices, encompassing the likes of PS4, Xbox, and Blu-ray players.

Furthermore, this software’s prowess extends to duplicating DVDs into ISO files or DVD folders, which are meticulously stored on your hard drive. Through DVD-Cloner Platinum, the realm of possibilities widens to encompass the backup of Blu-ray films onto BD-R/RE or your computer. Notably, it also facilitates the conversion of voluminous DVD/Blu-ray films into the MKV format, thereby streamlining the storage process.

The interface of DVD-Cloner Platinum has undergone a comprehensive overhaul, resulting in a user-centric design that fosters a more intuitive operational experience and a heightened visual appeal.

Characteristics of DVD-Cloner Platinum

  • A thoroughly updated user interface, meticulously refined to deliver an enhanced and intuitive operational guide.
  • Support for the duplication of the latest DVD releases.
  • Provision for manually specifying compression ratios, affording deliberate control over the picture quality of duplicated DVDs.
  • The ability to selectively choose audio tracks and subtitles creates bespoke DVD film copies.
  • A choice to retain menus while partitioning a DVD-9 movie into two DVD-5s.
  • Streamlined duplication of multiple DVDs, obviating the need for repetitive procedures.
  • Seamlessly convert high-capacity DVD films into the MKV format, encompassing all audio tracks while maintaining a high bit rate, excellent quality, and diminished file size.
  • Facilitation for transforming the main feature of an expansive Blu-ray disc into the MKV format, stored on the hard drive, replete with all accompanying audio tracks. This format remains compatible with an array of playback devices.
  • A supplementary option to compress Blu-ray films during conversion is achieved by configuring H.264 or H.265 as the designated encoder.

Data Sheet

Software: DVD-Cloner Gold / Platinum
Language: Multilanguage
Medicine: Full_Version
Developer: DVD-Cloner

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