EASSOS DiskGenius Professional

EASSOS DiskGenius Professional Pre-Activated

EASSOS DiskGenius Professional Pre-Activated

EASSOS DiskGenius Professional is a powerful and easy-to-use disk management, data recovery, and partition tool that provides a comprehensive solution for managing computer hard drives.

An Overview of EASSOS DiskGenius Professional

It can create, format, resize, clone, delete, and recover partitions and disks and perform disk surface tests to detect bad sectors. It also provides data recovery capabilities, allowing users to recover files from formatted, deleted, lost, or damaged partitions. Furthermore, it provides a variety of backup and restore functions, including file/folder backup, incremental backup, and disk/partition backup.

In addition, it offers an automatic defragment feature to optimize disk performance. In summary, EASSOS DiskGenius Professional is a comprehensive disk management, partition, and data recovery tool that is easy to use and provides many features and functions.

Characteristics of EASSOS DiskGenius Professional

  • Recover deleted files and folders, recover files from formatted
  • Create, delete, format, resize, move, hide, set active, convert, defragment
  • Create an image file to backup and restore data from the image file.
  • Backup and restore partition table, MBR, and boot sector.
  • Explore partitions, folders, file structures, and search and filter files.
  • Wipe disk and wipe free space to delete data permanently.
  • Check disk performance and health status.
  • Migrate the system to another disk or clone disk.
  • Create Windows To Go on a removable device.
  • Erase SSD data and optimize SSD performance.

Data Sheet

Software: DiskGenius Professional
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: EASSOS
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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