EssentialPIM Pro 11.0

EssentialPIM Pro Pre- Activated
EssentialPIM ProPre- Activated

EssentialPIM Pro is a set of personal time scheduling software. It has a very convenient operation interface, allowing users to see the scheduled itinerary at a glance, and each event also allows users to file folders, allowing you to organize meetings such as meetings. Data such as results and plans are attached to this record.

An Overview of EssentialPIM Pro

All your schedules, tasks, notes, address books, and login passwords are saved in the graphical interface, and the form is simple. Automatically import your data from personal information management software unsuitable for you. Sync with popular online services such as Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Yahoo Contacts, SyncML, and CalDAV servers to keep your data up-to-date and accessible anytime, anywhere.

EssentialPIM is a full-featured personal information manager that handles all your schedules, contacts, lists, and notes with simple-to-use, intuitive tools. It can store any file or a link to a file in its database. Every element, whether a task, note, to-do, or contact, can store files associated with that element. It allows you to print out all your information in an easy-to-read form.

Characteristics of EssentialPIM Pro

  • Advanced email management with support for multiple accounts and filters
  • Calendar with customizable views, reminders, and recurring events
  • Task management with priorities, deadlines, and subtasks
  • Contacts management with customizable fields and import/export options
  • Notes section for organizing and storing various types of information
  • Password manager to securely store and generate passwords
  • Integrated synchronization with various cloud services and mobile devices
  • Advanced search and filtering options for efficient data retrieval
  • Data backup and restore functionality for data security
  • Customizable interface with different themes and layouts
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and other popular email clients

Data Sheet

Software: EssentialPIM Pro
Language: Multilingual
Developer: Info
Medicine: Full_Version

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