Gilisoft Copy Protect 6.4.0

Free download Gilisoft Copy Protect full version standalone offline installer for Windows PC. Gilisoft Copy Protect enables you to safeguard your audio, videos, PDFs, DOCs, PPTs, XLS sheets, and pictures, ensuring that they remain impervious to duplication, unauthorized copying, or distribution.

Gilisoft Copy Protect Overview

This formidable software solution is meticulously crafted to safeguard Windows users’ intellectual property by impeding unauthorized copying, sharing, and distribution of their digital files. A comprehensive array of features is at their disposal to fortify their content, encompassing password protection, encryption, and watermarking.

Features of Gilisoft Copy Protect

  • Password Protection: GiliSoft Copy Protect empowers users to imbue their safeguarded files with an impregnable password, thus ensuring that only authorized individuals may gain access.
  • Encryption: The software employs sophisticated encryption algorithms to fortify your content, rendering it arduous
  • Watermarking: GiliSoft Copy Protect allows you to embed a customizable watermark into your protected files, deterring unauthorized use or distribution.
  • Customizable Protection: The software allows you to choose which actions to prevent, such as copying, printing, sharing, and more.

Data Sheet

Software: Gilisoft Copy Protect
Language: Multilingual
Developer: Gilisoft
Medicine: Full_Version

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