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GiliSoft USB Lock Pre-Activated

GiliSoft USB Lock is a robust security tool designed to help prevent unauthorized access to your computer through USB ports, CD/DVD drives, and other external devices.

An Overview of GiliSoft USB Lock

The software offers a comprehensive solution for users who want to secure sensitive data from threats such as data theft or malware infiltration via removable storage. With This USB Lock, you can block all USB and external drives from connecting to your PC, ensuring that only trusted devices can interact with your system. Additionally, the program allows you to disable the read and write operations on external media, which further enhances the protection against unwanted file transfers.

The user-friendly software provides an intuitive interface that makes it easy to configure and enforce security policies. It also includes features like the ability to password-protect the application, monitor activity through logs, and even restrict changes to system settings by locking access to Control Panel and other configuration tools. Whether for personal use or within a corporate environment, it serves as a valuable line of defence for maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of digital information.

Features of GiliSoft USB Lock

  • Block unauthorized access to USB drives
  • Password protection
  • Device allow listing
  • File encryption
  • Stealth mode
  • Centralized control
  • Auto-run protection
  • Time-based access control
  • Audit logs and reporting

Data Sheet

Software: GiliSoft USB Lock
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: GiliSoft
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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