Glary Malware Hunter Pro

Glary Malware Hunter Pro Pre-Activated is especially a security program designed to detect and neutralize the threat of malware in any of the forms that it adopts for Windows.  Glary Malware Hunter Pro is one of the security already you know that is an aspect that better not to neglect nowadays. Nobody is safe anymore, and it doesn’t matter if you use Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, or iPhone – any system and any platform can run risks from the web and the Internet, so it is best to have effective protection and security system. 

Malware Hunter Pro is a full version that will enjoy all its complete features, It is worth it judging by the opinions about the program, which place it as a good alternative to Malwarebytes. You may be familiar with, or at least familiar with, this company precisely has another interesting product to offer us, this time dedicated to optimizing our equipment from the point of view of eliminating malicious software. This is Glary Malware Hunter Pro PreActivated, an interesting application that will delve into our security.

This antimalware program for PC also has functions for optimizing the operating system, useful to speed up its operation and clean it of those junk and useless files that hinder its performance.  However, it is the search for viruses and other types of harmful software such as Trojans that we will get the most out of it. Its threat search engine enables it to detect, analyze and eliminate any application suspected of threatening the integrity of the operating system and the information it contains. For this, Glary Malware Hunter Pro Key has process protection that guarantees their execution in a safe way.

Alternative to Glary Malware Hunter Pro

Features of Glary Malware Hunter Pro

The functions of this application are divided into different areas:

Virus scan

We can carry out fast, deep, and personalized analyzes, indicating which areas of the system we want to act on. It also has a quarantine area for suspicious processes and apps as well as a trusted list for those programs and files that we want to leave out of the analysis.


The analysis to accelerate the system acts on processes that are launched at startup and scheduled, as well as on application and system services and plug-ins that are installed. From your management panel, we can deactivate them to prevent the system from slowing down.


Glary Malware is a good operation that goes through a healthy system so reviewing the Windows registry and eliminating all accumulated garbage as well as ending up with junk files, useless temporary files, or useless extensions, can help us to have a more stable operating system.


Glary Malware Hunter Pro
Glary Malware Hunter Pro
Glary Malware Hunter Pro
System Requirements

Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10/11 | Processor: Pentium IV or above
Hard Disk: 100 MB or more | RAM: 1 GB RAM

Data Sheet

Software: Malware Hunter Pro
Language: Multilanguage
Developer: Glarysoft’s
Medicine: [email protected]

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