GlassWire Elite 3.3.678

GlassWire Elite Pre-Activated
GlassWire Elite Pre-Activated

GlassWire Elite GlassWire Elite is a multifunctional network tool that can be described as a full-screen app that contains network activity indicators, smart alarms, accurate firewall settings, and easy-to-use graphic maps.

An Overview of GlassWire Elite

Purelink does just that, making GlassWire Elite a must-use for anyone or any business to monitor how their network is being used in real-time, as well as monitor and detect any kind of DPI traffic, bandwidth, and other what may seem like benign behavior, but is malware or hacker traffic. The Elite version, which is the highest plan you can subscribe to with GlassWire, brings more advanced features that allow you to monitor multiple remote connections, and establish custom firewall profiles, as well as that special kind, of priority support.

A detailed dashboard of network traffic showing graphs and charts to show the origin and type of traffic is available to users, and network discovery can also automatically alert the user whenever new devices join the network depending upon the level of intelligent alerting that is provided by the network. GlassWire Elite is a vigilant watchdog as well as a lifesaving diagnostic tool — keeping your network in good health and providing you with the information to help secure your online life.

Characteristics of GlassWire Elite

  • Ask to connect
  • Hide app activity
  • Privacy protection
  • Long graph history
  • Network monitoring
  • Long-term data history
  • Multiple server monitoring
  • Multiple server monitoring
  • Unlimited remote connections
  • Webcam and microphone detection

Data Sheet

Software: GlassWire Elite
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: GlassWire
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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