Google Chrome 114.0.5735.91


Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google and first released in 2008. Since then, it has become the world’s most popular browser, with over 2 billion active users. Google Chrome is known for its speed, simplicity, and security, and it offers a wide range of features and extensions that make browsing the web easier and more enjoyable. Also, download Microsoft Edge.

Google Chrome Features and Benefits

Google Chrome offers a wide range of features and benefits that make browsing the web faster, safer, and more convenient. Here are some of the most popular features:

  • Tabbed browsing
  • Incognito mode
  • Automatic updates
  • Built-in malware protection
  • Customization

FAQs About Google Chrome

  1. How can I upgrade the Google Chrome web browser? A three-dot menu will appear in the upper right corner of the browser. Click on “Settings” to access Chrome’s update feature. To check for updates and have them installed automatically, click “About Chrome” from there. The browser will then search for updates.
  2. I need to control my Chrome add-ons. To manage your Chrome extensions, click the three dots in the top-right corner of the browser and choose “More tools” then “Extensions.” Any installed extensions can then be turned on, off, or removed from the system.
  3. Is Google Chrome compatible with my mobile device? Yes, both Android and iOS devices can run Google Chrome. It is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  4. How can I delete my cache and browsing history in Google Chrome? In Chrome, pick “More tools” then “Clear browsing data” from the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the browser to delete your browsing history and cache. You may then decide which data to clear and for how long.
  5. Can I alter Google Chrome’s appearance and feel? Themes, plugins, and other tools are available for Chrome customization. Select “More tools” then “Extensions” from the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the browser to open the Chrome Web Store. There, you may explore and download a huge selection of themes and extensions.

In summary, Google Chrome is a very strong and adaptable web browser that provides a wide range of functions and advantages. You may enhance your surfing experience, boost your productivity, and stay safe and secure online by using Chrome effectively and efficiently. By using the advice provided in this article, you should be well on your way to mastering Chrome.

Remark: Just for new installation. Don’t overwrite your bookmark.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 (32 or 64 bits)
File system: NTFS / EXT3 / EXT2 / FAT32 / FAT16 / FAT12 / ReFS
Hard Disk: 200 MB of available disk space for installation
Processor: Pentium IV or later
RAM memory: 1 GB

Data Sheet

Software: Google Chrome Installer
Language: Multi-language
Medicine: Freeware
Official Website: Google

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