Guitar Pro 8.0.2 Build 24

Guitar Pro is the best tab maker and reader to create, play and share sheet music, which will allow you to access all the chords and scales in a much simpler way, through a series of graphics that show the strings that must be played at each moment. Especially if you are getting familiar with this instrument, you can be completely sure that it will be of great help to you when learning to synchronize your mind and fingers.

But this platform is not only responsible for teaching you which chords and scales you have to follow but also reproduces the sound that corresponds to each of these movements, and it does so using a MIDI synthesizer. The interesting thing about it is that we can feel how we are learning as we practice, since other programs remain only in the image, and it is a shame.

Guitar Pro 8 Review

Guitar Pro

One of the most interesting features of this program is that it allows us to select or customize the type of use we want to give it. We can choose between eight different types of guitars according to our needs. Thus, if you want an acoustic guitar with nylon strings or an electric guitar, you can choose it, and adapt it exactly to the type of instrument you want to learn to play.

Continuing with the features of this program, we must say that it tells us, as we go along, what the diatonic scales are, or how they should be played, always using the strings. Its built-in metronome, which we can adjust to best suit the experience we are looking for, allows us to establish details such as the beats for each minute. If you have some professional knowledge, you will be able to take advantage of these possibilities.

And it is that once you have become familiar with the simple chords, you will see that images or graphics of others that are much more complex appear and that you will visualize on the neck, elevating your practice until you become a professional. And furthermore, you don’t need to know music theory to learn the different positions of each chord, so the assistance offered by this platform is practically total, much more complete than other similar ones.

Not only that, but Guitar Pro also has an integrated tuner that accepts loops, to always get the best possible sound from your guitar, emulating the same drawbacks that a physical guitar pro can have, of course. If you have a guitar that is collecting dust in a corner of your house, you can be sure that this platform will give you a hand in your first familiarization with it.

Guitar Pro

We must point out, at this point, that the Guitar Pro interface is in the English language, although as usually happens with programs that are more technical than anything else, this does not cause too much inconvenience. Anyway, we recommend that, if you are not very used to the terminology of the music world, keep a tab with Google open in the background to be able to guide you better.

If instead of the Guitar Pro, you want to learn to play the bass, you have to know that you will also find all the information and assistance in this regard for this instrument, so it is software that can be of great use to more than one member of your band. For the bass, it works in a similar way as when we talk about the guitar, with a system of graphs and chords that you must follow to know all its tricks.

As for the interface, something that we always like to analyze when we talk about programs for Windows, we have to say that it is very well done, since the graphics are useful, and can be seen without other objects interfering. In addition, it is possible to find a perfect organization of all the contents, and in general, the details are well taken care of, so another positive point when talking about Guitar Pro.

Before closing the analysis, it should be noted that Guitar Pro is a service that hardly has any weight, so we can install it on any computer, even a laptop, that does not have too much power. In the same way, due to this quality, it is possible to carry it on any USB storage device and run it on your computers, if during the day or week you want to use several for your practices.

Guitar Pro

By installing it and running it on our computer, we have been able to verify that it is perfectly stable software and that it does not give errors or closures that we have to regret when we are in the middle of a practice. On the other hand, all the actions that we have executed have been carried out in a matter of seconds, as well as the transition from one instrument to another, or from one type of Guitar Pro to another. In other words, we do not have too many negative elements that we can bring up when making a summary.

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In summary, we can say that Guitar Pro is a tool that becomes almost essential for any user who wants to start practicing with a guitar at home, being a platform with integrated graphics to assist us in each one of our movements, and that reproduces the same sounds as the instrument so that you are completely sure that you are having success in your practices.

System Requirements

Operating systems: Windows 11, 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.
On the other hand, the hardware requirements such as hard disk space, ram memory,
processor, screen resolution, and others are really minimal
that it is not necessary to specify them.

Data Sheet

Software: Guitar Pro 8
Language: Multilangual
Developer: Arobas
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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