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Need help finding software?

We can suggest a few options that may help you narrow down your choices and find the software you are looking for.


If you are looking for a specific software program or a particular type of software, we first recommend going to and typing in relevant keywords in the search box located in the top center of the page. Type in an exact product name, company name, or specific search term, and then click the magnifying glass icon, or press Enter on your keyboard.

Most titles on our site have user reviews and ratings, and many titles have official Editors’ Reviews and ratings too, which you may find helpful in making a choice.

On the left side of all search results pages, you will also see several sort and filter options that let you narrow your results by various criteria, including price, operating system, and average rating (from our Editors and from other site users as well).


If a search doesn’t display the results you’re looking for, the Google team has developed an excellent feature that lets you search specific websites. Just go to the Google Advanced Search page below, type in your keywords, and then add to the “Search within a site or domain” section:

Google Advanced Search


If you’re looking for a page that you have visited in the recent past, it’s worth checking your Internet browser’s history section. Pressing the keys CTRL+H while you are in your Internet browser should bring up your recent history. Then choose the week or day when you think you originally read the article, look for the corresponding domain, and click the pages you previously visited to view them again.