Hetman Internet Spy 3.1

Hetman Internet Spy is a very easy-to-use browsing record recovery tool, here provides a very convenient, and also very powerful tool to analyze the online activity of users. 

Hetman Internet Spy

You can also display some of the things users have done at certain times, such as: when and which websites have been visited, how long they have been on the website, and what content have been searched, those operations performed, and received What are your emails and so on. The software will also analyze the users’ hard drives, and it can also find all the browsers currently and used on this computer. Not only can it help users to restore the history of those browsing, but it can even restore some of the user’s input. The password and any saved bookmarks wait for some other important information. Even after users clear and use a mode of incognito, our software can still find and display browsing records through analysis algorithms, and also use some convenient filters to help users quickly access users who are interested. Any information.


  • Find information on any browser
  • View the cleared or deleted browsing history
  • View all bookmarked tags
  • Recover all passwords
  • View all your downloads
  • Through the software, you can also:
  • View all user activities (search history,
  • Emails viewed, social networks visited, etc.)
  • View images of visited websites
  • Find the necessary information quickly
  • Export data to various formats
  • There are many other things…


System Requirements

The program runs in Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10. It also supports earlier versions of this operating system, such as Windows XP, Vista, NT, 2003, and 2008 Server.


Data Sheet

Software: Hetman Internet Spy
Language: Multilangual
Developer: Hetman
Medicine: Full_Version
Release date: January 01, 2022

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