Hetman Internet Spy 3.1

Hetman Internet Spy Pre-Activated
Hetman Internet Spy Pre-Activated

Hetman Internet Spy is a software tool designed to track and analyze a user’s internet activity on a computer.

An Overview of Hetman Internet Spy

It enables individuals like parents or employers to monitor web browsing history, social media interactions, and other online behaviours. The software can recover a user’s online footprint even if the browser history has been cleared or the incognito mode was used.

This provides detailed reports on visited websites, search queries, and login details, which can be crucial for ensuring online safety, enforcing company policies, or checking users’ compliance with specific rules. It is a comprehensive solution for those who need to oversee the internet usage of others on their network or personal devices.


  • Recover all passwords.
  • View all your downloads.
  • View all bookmarked tags.
  • There are many other things.
  • Export data to various formats.
  • View images of visited websites.
  • Find information on any browser.
  • View all user activities (search history.)
  • Find the necessary information quickly.
  • Emails viewed, social networks visited, etc.)
  • View the cleared or deleted browsing history.

Data Sheet

Software: Hetman Internet Spy
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Hetman
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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