Horizon DataSys RollBack Rx Server 4.5 Build 2708963378

RollBack Rx Server Edition is a powerful backup tool for Windows Servers. It provides IT professionals with a reliable solution for instant backup and quick restoration of mission-critical systems to multiple restore points at unparalleled speeds. With this tool, you can safely sandbox updates and service patches and have a fail-safe system recovery approach.

RollBack Rx Server Edition provides exceptional background protection and real-time recovery speeds. It allows you to store complete snapshots of multiple server instances in a locally backed-up sector-map repository, which can be scheduled at your chosen intervals, even as frequently as every minute. With RollBack Rx Server Edition, you can take continual snapshots without impacting your day-to-day server response times. It’s an ideal solution for simultaneously backing up hundreds of millions of files without affecting server workloads.

RollBack Rx Server Edition fully supports Microsoft MultiPoint Servers, making it easier for non-technical administrators like teachers to restore their Windows MultiPoint Servers quickly and easily.

In the event of a disaster, RollBack Rx Server Edition offers lightning-fast recovery times, allowing you to recover from any of the multiple available snapshots within seconds. You can retrieve specific documents rather than restoring an entire drive to an earlier snapshot. With this recovery option, you can quickly recover individual files, folders, partitions, entire drives, or the entire array without causing significant interruptions to your endpoint operations. It offers flexibility in the recovery process and helps to minimize any disruptions.

RollBack Rx Server Edition minimizes server maintenance downtime by allowing you to test system updates’ stability and compatibility before committing to them. You can perform background verification of vital data to ensure your preparedness to recover. RollBack Rx Server Edition optimizes system resources by performing background defragmentation on all your snapshots.

With RollBack Rx Server Edition, scheduling application roll-outs and recurring software and OS updates is hassle-free and interruption-free. With the failsafe pre-Windows I/O utility, you can restore to a previous snapshot even if your Server OS experiences a catastrophic failure. This sub-console, or mini-OS, is valuable for ensuring your system remains intact and operational.

The control utility of RollBack Rx Server Edition is a potent tool that enables the monitoring and management of multiple sites within a single, unified platform. It allows even non-technical staff to easily manage your storage and service access requirements. RollBack Rx Server Edition offers robust built-in 64-bit data security, ensuring comprehensive data protection even during hardware theft. Plus, multi-level access control allows you to define specific privileges for your staff members.

Characteristics of Horizon DataSys RollBack Rx Server

  • Real-time recovery that only requires one reboot
  • Full support for active databases such as MS SQL
  • Full support for Microsoft MultiPoint Server operating systems
  • Full support for RAID0-6 arrays
  • Easy migration for replacing drives
  • Robust disaster recovery protection
  • Scalability from small businesses to enterprise-level
  • Ultra-fast backup with no latency
  • Ability to restore files, folders, partitions, or whole drives in seconds
  • Highly customizable backup schedules and recovery snapshots
  • On-the-fly background snapshots, even for large databases or hard drives, down to every minute
  • User-friendly interface
  • Ability to perform a complete server rebuild in seconds
  • Multiple levels of access control can be set up
  • Regular snapshots or server restores can be scheduled automatically
  • Built-in hard drive encryption for added security

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Software: Horizon DataSys RollBack Rx Server
Language: Multilanguage
Developer: Horizon
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