Horizon DataSys Rollback RX 12.5 Build 2708963368

Free Download Rollback Rx Professional full version offline installer for Windows; it is an instant time machine for your PC. A comprehensive Windows System Restore solution empowers users and IT administrators to restore their PCs to any previous state quickly within seconds.

An Overview of Rollback Rx Professional

RollBack Rx Professional presents a novel approach to PC management. It offers a swift and efficient remedy for unforeseen incidents, such as user errors, viral infiltrations, or botched software installations.

RollBack Rx is a dynamic instant restoration solution, unobtrusively capturing snapshots in the background. Each backup snapshot is accomplished within mere seconds. When the need arises to restore your PC, the process is expedited, allowing you to return to any previous state as swiftly as a system restart.

Notable Features of Rollback Rx Professional

  • Time Traveling: Effortlessly traverse back to any previous point in time within seconds.
  • Temporal Extent: Journey back minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months to any earlier snapshot.
  • Performance Integrity: The software operates on minimal system resources without compromising computer performance.
  • Snapshot Abundance: Embrace the flexibility of virtually unlimited snapshots.
  • Non-disruptive System Snapshot: Generate a comprehensive system snapshot without restarting your system.
  • Instant System Crash Recovery: Effectively reverse any system crash within seconds, even in cases where Windows fails to startup.
  • Eradicate Unsuccessful Updates: Effortlessly back out any failed program, OS, or botched updates.
  • Swift Malware Recovery: Combat malware or virus attacks promptly with seconds to spare.
  • Virtual Machine Compatibility: Seamlessly operates with VMWare and Virtual Machines, serving as a host or client within the virtual environment.
  • Support for Multi-boot Multi OS Workstations: Ensure smooth functioning on workstations with multiple operating systems.
  • Snapshot Protection: Secure your snapshots against accidental deletion by locking them.
  • Intuitive GUI-based Snapshot Manager: Manage snapshot resources conveniently through a user-friendly graphical interface.
  • File and Folder Retrieval: Explore, browse, and effortlessly retrieve files and folders from any snapshot, conveniently dragging and dropping them into your active system.
  • Bi-directional Time Navigation: Roll backward and forward to any available system snapshot.
  • Safe Software Testing: Allows users to test software securely with a fast, 100% complete uninstallation option data Retrieval from Crashed PCs: Retrieve files from a crashed PC, even when Windows fails to boot.
  • Access Control: Control user levels and administrative privileges precisely.

Data Sheet

Software: Horizon DataSys Rollback RX
Developer: Horizon DataSys
Medicine: Full_Version
Language: Multilingual

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