IDM UltraFinder

IDM UltraFinder Pre-Activated
IDM UltraFinder Pre-Activated

IDM UltraFinder is powerful search software designed to find files, folders, textual content, and information on native drives, community shares, and distant FTP/SFTP servers.

An Overview of IDM UltraFinder

Created by IDM Computer Solutions, which makes, among other things, UltraEdit probably one of the best text editors you can find, UltraFinder comes with compelling search features wrapped up with an intuitive interface. This provides a search over many criteria, like filename, content, and patterns.

UltraFinder can also help users monitor duplicate files, minimizing space usage. Users can organize their search results by sorting, filtering, and exporting them for additional searches or reporting. UltraFinder is a must-have tool for anyone searching large amounts of data and needing an enterprise-level solution that can quickly and efficiently process and locate precisely what they want.


  • Multiple search modes
  • Search customization
  • Content search
  • Duplicate file management
  • Search result actions
  • Filtering options
  • Performance settings
  • Export and reporting
  • Portable version
  • Integration with other IDM software
  • User-friendly interface

Data Sheet

Software: IDM UltraFinder
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: UltraEdit
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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