ImageMotion 1.3.1

ImageMotion Pre-Activated
ImageMotion Pre-Activated

ImageMotion is a powerful tool often used in digital media and content creation that enables users to add dynamic motion effects to still images.

An Overview of ImageMotion

This software blends animation and graphic design principles to breathe life into photographs, creating the illusion of movement or adding animated elements that complement the static background. This technology can be utilized in various applications, from enhancing social media posts to producing eye-catching advertisements.

It typically comes as a software plugin or a standalone application that provides motion graphics tools, allowing users to apply effects such as parallax, zoom, pan, and 3D transformations. Using keyframes and timelines will enable users to control the timing, duration, and easing of the motion effects, producing professional-looking animations without complex video editing skills.


  • Animation Timeline
  • Auto Lip-Sync
  • Puppeteering Tools
  • 3D Parallax Effect
  • Ease In/Out
  • Smart Objects Support
  • Animation Presets
  • Particle Effects
  • Physics Engine
  • GIF Export
  • Video Export
  • Customizable Brushes for Masking
  • Texture Overlays
  • Compatibility with Photoshop Tools

Data Sheet

Software: ImageMotion
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Info
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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