iSumsoft Cloner

iSumsoft Cloner Pre-Activated
iSumsoft Cloner Pre-Activated

iSumsoft Cloner is a versatile software tool for Windows operating systems that allows users to easily clone their hard drives or partitions.

An Overview of iSumsoft Cloner

This utility is handy when upgrading from an old hard disk to a new one, migrating data to a solid-state drive for improved performance, or simply creating a backup copy of the system. This software supports copying the entire drive or specific partitions, ensuring that the operating system, applications, and personal files are duplicated precisely.

Its user-friendly interface simplifies the cloning process, making it accessible for novice and experienced users. Additionally, the software provides options to resize partitions during cloning and supports various file systems, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of storage devices. Overall, it is a reliable solution for disk duplication, system migration, or backup.


  • System Cloning
  • System Backup
  • Partition/Disk Backup
  • Data Migration
  • Restore Function
  • Bootable Rescue Media
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Sector by Sector Clone
  • Adjust Partition Size
  • Support for Various File Systems
  • Hardware Compatibility

Data Sheet

Software: iSumsoft Cloner
Developer: iSumsoft Studio
Interface: Silent Install
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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