Kutools for Excel 26.10

Kutools for Excel Pre-Activated
Kutools for Excel Pre-Activated

Kutools for Excel is a powerful add-in software designed to enhance the functionality of Microsoft Excel.

An Overview of Kutools for Excel

It provides a comprehensive set of tools and utilities that simplify and streamline various tasks in Excel, making it easier for users to work with spreadsheets. Some of its key features include merging and splitting cells, converting text to date, removing duplicates, and generating random numbers.

It also offers advanced features like batch operations, data cleaning, and formula auditing. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, Kutools for Excel is a valuable tool for beginner and advanced Excel users, allowing them to save time and improve productivity in their data analysis and manipulation tasks.

Characteristics of Kutools for Excel

  • Merge multiple workbooks or worksheets into one with one click.
  • Insert multiple images or pictures into cells easily.
  • Copy various ranges at once and paste them in different locations.
  • Convert text to date, number, or currency format effortlessly.
  • Split data into multiple columns based on a delimiter or fixed width.
  • Generate random numbers or passwords in a specified range.
  • Insert unique and sequential numbers or dates in a range.
  • Find and remove duplicates from an oven or entire worksheet.
  • Filter data based on multiple criteria and extract specific records.
  • Calculate age based on birthdate or get the numeral of months between two dates.
  • Extract email addresses, URLs, or hyperlinks from a range.
  • Insert bullet points or numbering in cells with one click.
  • Create and manage custom lists for sorting or auto-filling data.
  • Protect or unprotect multiple worksheets or workbooks simultaneously.
  • Hide or unhide numerous worksheets or workbooks in one go.
  • Export or import Excel settings, such as ribbon customization or toolbar items.

Data Sheet

Software: Kutools for Excel
Developer: ExtendOffice
Interface: Silent Install
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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