LibreOffice 24.2.3

LibreOffice Pre-Activated
LibreOffice Pre-Activated

LibreOffice is a free office package for document processing, tables, presentations, drawings, and databases.

An Overview of LibreOffice

This high-quality and fairly robust compilation of tools can help create a high-quality and beautiful document and presentation. The software runs on all popular platforms, from Windows and OS X to Linux.

Additionally, an extra group of features make up built-in tools for generating and enhancing diagrams and charts, a plethora of document templates, the ability to operate with many sorts of files, and the potential to work with other office suites. This software allows users to acquire superior papers and slideshows and spend less money.


  • Formula editor
  • Word processing
  • Presentation creation
  • Math equation editor
  • Collaborative editing
  • Drawing and diagramming tools
  • Supports a variety of file formats
  • Spreadsheet creation and manipulation
  • Database creation and management
  • Macro programming with Basic and Python
  • Cross-platform compatibility across Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud storage services

Data Sheet

Software: LibreOffice Full
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Info
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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