MAGIX ACID Pro Suite Pre-Activated
MAGIX ACID Pro Suite Pre-Activated

MAGIX ACID Pro (audio editing software) is a very easy-to-use and powerful music production and editing tool. This software can easily help users to process audio, generate amplitude modulation, chorus, delay sound, pitch change, modification, echo, and stutter The software integrates various functions such as recording, MIDI production, special effects processing, and DJ, etc., and has built-in rich midi files for users to choose.

An Overview of MAGIX ACID Pro Suite

MAGIX ACID Pro Suite is a comprehensive music production software that offers a wide range of tools and features for professional audio editing and mixing. Its intuitive interface and powerful capabilities make it a popular choice among music producers, DJs, and sound engineers. The suite includes ACID Pro 10, a digital audio workstation for recording, editing, and arranging tracks, and a collection of virtual instruments, effects, and loops.

It also features advanced MIDI editing capabilities, allowing users to create complex musical compositions easily. Additionally, the suite offers seamless integration with other popular software and hardware, making it a versatile and efficient tool for music production. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, MAGIX ACID Pro Suite provides all the necessary tools to bring your musical ideas to life.

Professional multitrack recording: can record multiple tracks at the same time, whether it is field recording or studio recording, MAGIX ACID can support interspersed recording. The software provides up to 3,000 Sony Sound Series loops and more than 1,000 MIDI files, allowing you to create unlimited resources as soon as you get started

Characteristics of MAGIX ACID Pro 11

  • Full MIDI support
  • Powerful mixing and editing functions
  • Professional special effects production and synchronization
  • Exclusive quantification tool
  • Professional workflow
  • Provides interactive tutorials
  • Support VSTi parameter automation
  • VSTi parameter automation
  • Drum Map Editor: Create or use existing drum maps
  • Support external controller

System Requirements

Windows 11, Windows 10 (64-bit).
Processor: 1 GHz (multicore or multiprocessor recommended)
RAM: 1 GB (8 GB recommended)
Graphics card: Onboard, min. resolution 1024 x 768
Sound card: Onboard
Hard drive space: 500 MB for program installation
Program languages: Deutsch, English, Español, Français

Data Sheet

Language: MultiLanguage
Developer: MAGIX
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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