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An Overview of MakeMKV

MakeMKV is an exquisite application that offers a remarkably straightforward method to produce superb MKV files from discs like Blu-ray and DVD.

Utilizing this program entails two essential steps: firstly, the program will meticulously extract data from an inserted Blu-ray or DVD; secondly, MakeMKV graciously grants you the liberty to select the desired chapters, audio tracks, and subtitles to be included in the ripping operation.

Creating your final MKV file may require considerable time, depending on your PC’s and disc drive’s swiftness. Nevertheless, with contemporary hardware, the process operates at a decent pace.

In addition to its remarkable MKV file creation capabilities, MakeMKV facilitates the seamless streaming of files across a local network.

Characteristics of MakeMKV

  • Automate: Create complex conversion scripts with automated functionality.
  • Batch: Effortlessly convert multiple files simultaneously.
  • Chapters: Convert individual chapters into separate MKV files.
  • Convert Transmute video files into the esteemed MKV format.
  • Decrypt: Swiftly rip and decrypt Blu-ray and DVDs.
  • Extras: Extract captivating images and audio from videos.
  • Fast: Expedite video processing with remarkable speed.
  • HD Audio: Embrace the support for high-definition audio codecs.
  • Metadata: Imbue MKV files with automatically added metadata tags.
  • Multi-angle: Generate different files for each unique angle.
  • Preserve: Safeguard all audio and video tracks with utmost care.
  • Secure: Guarantee data integrity through meticulous CRC checks.
  • Stream: Seamlessly stream video files to various compatible devices.
  • Subtitles: Extract subtitles into a separate, dedicated file.

Data Sheet

Software: MakeMKV
Medicine: Pre_Activated
Language: Multilingual
Developer: MakeMKV

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