Free Download Design Science MathType full version for Windows PC. It is a powerful interactive equation editor for Windows and Macintosh. It lets you create mathematical notation for word processing, web pages, desktop publishing, presentations, e-learning, TeX, LaTeX, and MathML documents.

Design Science MathType: An Overview

MathType 7 represents a formidable software utility designed to compose intricate mathematical expressions. This powerful program empowers you to effortlessly create and utilize highly complex formulas and intricate equations tailored precisely to your requirements.

Operating as a potent tool for Windows, MathType allows for the seamless application of mathematical symbols in Word documents, web pages, printed materials, Tex, Latex, and MathML documents.

With MathType, the ability to edit formulas is made easy, much like editing regular text. You have the freedom to colourize and stylize them according to your preferences. Abundant symbols, templates, and fonts are at your disposal, catering to diverse needs when crafting any formulation.

Furthermore, MathType facilitates the storage of your math symbols within the software, enabling convenient access to specific formulas whenever needed. Download and effortlessly integrate them into the program. Additionally, swift access is assured by assigning a prominent math symbol to a combination key.

Key Features of Design Science MathType

  • Handwritten Math Input: The software allows for the manual input of mathematical expressions.
  • Point-and-Click Editing with Automatic Formatting: Enjoy a user-friendly experience in which automatic formatting complements clicking and editing formulas.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Time-saving shortcuts enhance efficiency while working with MathType.
  • Support for TeX or LaTeX: Seamlessly integrate TeX or LaTeX within MathType.
  • Copy and Paste Functionality: Effortlessly copy and paste mathematical expressions.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office: MathType seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office applications.
  • Compatibility with 800+ Applications and Websites: Enjoy widespread compatibility across various applications and websites.
  • MathPage and MathJax Support: Benefit from MathPage’s compatibility with MathJax.
  • Work with MathML and LaTeX: MathType supports working with MathML and LaTeX.
  • Presentation Enhancement: Add vibrancy and visual appeal to your presentations with the inclusion of colours.

Data Sheet

Software: MathType
Language: Multilingual
Developer: Wiris 
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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