Memtest86+ 6.20

Memtest86+ is a utility meticulously crafted to assess the functionality of your memory. It systematically inscribes a vast array of diverse patterns across all memory locations, subsequently reading and scrutinizing them to ascertain the congruence between the read results and the initial content written to the memory.

There exist a plethora of reasons for undertaking the execution of a memtest, yet the foremost objective undoubtedly resides in assessing the integrity of your memory modules. Whenever suspicions arise due to system crashes, lockups, or reboots, it becomes imperative to determine the operational status of said modules. Memtest86+ serves as an invaluable tool, endeavoring to provide you with an answer to this crucial inquiry.

Memtest86+ draws its lineage from the esteemed original iteration known as Memtest86, a creation credited to the venerable Chris Brady.

Features of Memtest86+

  • Bootable ISO – Facilitating the creation of a bootable CD/DVD.
  • Bootable Binary – Enabling the creation of a bootable floppy disk on Linux.
  • EXE file for USB Key – Designed for bootable USB keys.
  • Floppy – Allowing the creation of a bootable floppy disk on Windows.

Version 6.20 Changelog:

  • Incorporate compatibility for Alder Lake-N processors
  • Integrate compatibility for VIA VT8233(A)/VT8237
  • Introduce support for nVidia nForce 3
  • Implement compatibility for ALi M1533/1543(C)/1535
  • Enhance temperature monitoring for AMD K8 processors
  • Include additional JEDEC manufacturers
  • Improve the reading of SPD (Serial Presence Detect) on mobile CPUs
  • Resolve APIC Timer failure on select mobile platforms
  • Rectify detection issues with older CPUs (P5/P6-class)
Data Sheet

Software: Memtest86+
Language: Multilanguage
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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