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You may rapidly change the information of your audio files using MP3TAG, a tag editor. More details about your music songs are available thanks to metadata, which is present in players like iTunes, Winamp, and others.

You may categorize your music into libraries, search for individual songs, and even filter based on an artist or album using metadata. Because much music obtained from the Internet doesn’t have any or, even worse, has incorrect metadata, changing the metadata may be significant.

An Overview of Mp3tag

The program supports numerous tag types, including ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, WMA, iTunes MP4, Vorbis Comments, and even APE Tags. The program is compatible with several audio file types, including MP3, AAC, FLAC, MP4, WMA, and AIF.

In other words, practically every audio track’s tags should be editable. What should you do if you want to change the tags on an album you obtained off the Internet? No worries; this program can carry out bulk editing operations.

You choose all the tracks and change their information in bulk. Simple, quick, and efficient! You may also use the program to look for the required tags online; it can retrieve them from sites like Amazon, FreeDB, Discogs, and MusicBrainz.

The user interface for this tag editor is one of the available choices. There are options to batch rename files, change terms in file names and tags, and export and import tag data, according to tag information. Furthermore, tag filtering may be used to generate playlists.

You may obtain the cover image from Amazon and comparable websites for your audio files. The software may generate your collection reports and export tag information in HTML, CSV, and RTF formats.

Regarding Unicode compliance, tagging is perfect. Another intriguing feature is the ability to group several activities into a macro, which can then be used to repeat all operations with a single mouse click. This function will allow you to edit tags on hundreds of audio files more quickly.

In our tests, MP3TAG outperformed competing products like TagScanner and MediaMonkey. Its batch processing powers are unmatched, and it supports more formats. And it’s all free.

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