MUA Retouch Panel 1.0.1

As a makeup artist, you know that retouching is a crucial step in creating flawless looks for your clients. That’s where to Download MUA Retouch Panel Full Version. This powerful Photoshop plugin is designed specifically for makeup artists, making it easier than ever to retouch your photos and create stunning makeup looks.

Reviews of MUA Retouch Panel

It is a Photoshop plugin that is designed to simplify the retouching process for makeup artists. It was created by makeup artist Pratik Naik and his team at Infinite Color Panel, who recognized the need for a tool that could help streamline the editing process for makeup artists. The MUA Retouch Panel is compatible with both Mac and PC and works with Photoshop CC 2014 and above.


It comes with a range of features that make it an indispensable tool for makeup artists. Here are some of the key features:

Skin Retouching

The MUA Retouch Panel’s skin retouching feature allows you to easily smooth out any blemishes or imperfections on your subject’s skin. It comes with a range of preset options that you can customize to suit your needs, and it also allows you to target specific areas of the skin for more precise retouching.

Eye and Lip Retouching

It also includes features for retouching the eyes and lips. With the eye retouching feature, you can brighten and enhance your subject’s eyes, while the lip retouching feature allows you to add color and definition to the lips.

Color Correction

The MUA Retouch Panel includes a range of color correction tools that allow you to adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness of your images. This can be especially useful when working with different skin tones and lighting conditions.

Customizable Presets

One of the biggest advantages of the MUA Retouch Panel is it’s customizable presets. You can create your own presets and save them for future use, or you can download presets created by other makeup artists. This allows you to speed up your editing process and achieve consistent results across your portfolio.


The MUA Retouch Panel Full Version is a powerful tool for makeup artists who want to streamline their editing process and achieve professional-quality results. With its range of features and customizable presets, it

System Requirements

Compatible with Adobe® Photoshop® CC2021 (v22.0) and later

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Software: MUA Retouch Panel
Language: Multilingual
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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