Mythicsoft FileLocator Pro 2022.3418

Mythicsoft FileLocator Pro Pre-Activated
Mythicsoft FileLocator Pro Pre-Activated

Mythicsoft FileLocator Pro is a powerful and versatile search tool designed to help users quickly and efficiently locate files on their computer systems.

An Overview of Mythicsoft FileLocator Pro

With FileLocator Pro’s advanced search capabilities, users can search for files based on criteria such as file name, file contents, file size, date created, and more. The software also supports regular expressions and Boolean operators, enabling users to create complex search queries.

Additionally, it offers a variety of search options, including the ability to search within compressed files, search network drives, and search for specific file types. The software provides fast and accurate search results, saving users time and effort in locating the needed files. Whether for personal or professional use, it is an essential tool for anyone who needs to search and manage their files efficiently.

Characteristics FileLocator Pro

  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Support for various file formats
  • Regular expression support
  • Multiple search options
  • Search preview
  • Search filters and exclusions
  • Bookmarking and history
  • Search result organization
  • File preview and editing
  • Export and reporting

Data Sheet

Software: Mythicsoft FileLocator
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Mythicsoft
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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