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Free download SeriousBit NetBalancer full version offline setup for Windows PC. With the Traffic Control and Monitoring Tool, you can limit the available traffic for a process.

Reviews of NetBalancer

Exercise absolute authority over the intricate web of traffic coursing through your computer system. Establish sophisticated regulations and filters, refine network priorities for active processes, and execute many other manoeuvres on your device or an assemblage of machines categorized by tags.

By implementing traffic directives, you can assign precedence and restrict or impede the flow of your measured network traffic, contingent upon configurations such as the time of day, network protocol, or the application genre.

Employing a process of deep packet scrutiny, you can obstruct BitTorrent transmissions, moderate the functioning of Steam applications, and assign an elevated network priority to your web browser or gaming experiences.

Characteristics of NetBalancer

  • Application of download and upload network priorities or constraints to each process.
  • Automated assimilation of priorities and limitations from a network-located file.
  • Automatic integration of regulations from a network-located file.
  • Definition of meticulous network traffic regulations.
  • Exploitation for business purposes.
  • Consolidation of local network systems to equilibrium their synchronized traffic.
  • Manifestation of ongoing connections attributed to any specific process.
  • Presentation of the overall systemic traffic through a graphical representation.
  • Continual depiction of network traffic data within the system tray.
  • Precision calibration of priorities, taking into consideration the Level Severity parameter.
  • Native 64-bit compatibility for unparalleled performance.
  • Complete integration of IPv6 support.
  • Application of universal traffic thresholds.

Data Sheet

Software: NetBalancer
Language: Multilingual
Developer: NetBalancer
License: Pre_Activated

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