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NetBalancer is a powerful and efficient traffic monitoring and controlling tool that allows users to manage and prioritize their internet bandwidth usage.

An Overview of NetBalancer

It provides a comprehensive overview of network traffic, allowing users to monitor and analyze each application’s data consumption. This software allows users to set upload and download speed limits for specific applications, ensuring that critical services or applications receive priority bandwidth allocation.

This tool also offers advanced features, such as blocking or limiting access to certain websites or IP addresses, making it an effective tool for network administrators to maintain and optimize network performance. It is an essential tool for individuals and organizations seeking to effectively manage and control their internet traffic.

Characteristics of NetBalancer

  • Application of download and upload network priorities or constraints to each process.
  • Automated assimilation of priorities and limitations from a network-located file.
  • Automatic integration of regulations from a network-located file.
  • Definition of meticulous network traffic regulations.
  • Exploitation for business purposes.
  • Consolidation of local network systems to equilibrium their synchronized traffic.
  • Manifestation of ongoing connections attributed to any specific process.
  • Presentation of the overall systemic traffic through a graphical representation.
  • Continual depiction of network traffic data within the system tray.
  • Precision calibration of priorities, taking into consideration the Level Severity parameter.
  • Native 64-bit compatibility for unparalleled performance.
  • Complete integration of IPv6 support.
  • Application of universal traffic thresholds.

Data Sheet

Software: NetBalancer
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Info
License: Pre_Activated

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