OkMap Desktop 18.3.0

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OkMap Desktop is a comprehensive and powerful digital mapping software designed to help users create, manage, and analyze maps of any kind.

An Overview of OkMap Desktop

It supports various data formats, including shapefiles, GeoTIFF, Google Earth KML, GPS tracks, and more. This software allows users to easily create digital maps, manage and analyze GPS data, and even share maps with other users.

It also has a built-in GPS simulator, which allows users to practice their navigation skills without leaving their computer. In addition, it has an intuitive interface and powerful features that make it easier to create custom maps. It is ideal for anyone looking for comprehensive and easy-to-use mapping software.


  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Offline maps and aerial imagery
  • Route planning and tracking
  • Multiple map sources
  • Search and share location information
  • Customizable map display
  • Offline navigation and tracking
  • Waypoints and routes synchronization with OkMap Mobile

Data Sheet

Software: OkMap Desktop
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: OkMap
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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