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OkMap Desktop
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Free Download OkMap Desktop full version standalone offline installer for Windows. You can use interactive software to manipulate web or digital maps on your computer screen directly.

An Overview of OkMap Desktop

OkMap is interactive software that empowers you to engage with web maps or digital maps you have acquired or scanned on your computer screen. Notably, OkMap seamlessly imports vectorial data from the most prevalent formats and DEM data about elevation information.

Using these maps, you can intricately arrange your paths, creating waypoints, routes, and tracks on your computer monitor. Subsequently, you may upload this meticulously crafted data to your GPS. Remarkably, OkMap automatically incorporates altitude data and adeptly estimates travel times.

Features of OkMap Desktop

  • Calibration and display of raster maps encompassing over 30 image formats.
  • Display vectorial maps, presenting a rich visual experience.
  • Exhibition of hybrid maps, skillfully blending raster and vectorial data.
  • The remarkable ability to open multiple maps simultaneously facilitates efficient navigation.
  • Nine cartographic projections were thoughtfully selected for their wide usability.
  • A comprehensive database with over 500 predefined projections based on geographic regions.
  • An extensive database comprising more than 300 data, enhancing precision.
  • Viewing 3D raster maps seamlessly on Google Earth, provided they are supported image formats.
  • Efficient management of map add-ons, including icons and comments, to enrich the mapping experience.
  • Skillful handling of vectorial data, offering versatile options for points, multipoints, lines, and polygons.
  • Proficient GPX data management, enabling seamless handling of waypoints, tracks, and routes.
  • Intuitive selection of multiple objects with the ease of the mouse.
  • Convenient context menu accessed with a right-click, providing quick and relevant options.
  • Auto-info function, which intelligently offers relevant information in real-time.
  • Zoom and autofit functions, ensuring precision and ease of use while navigating maps.
  • A dynamic moving map function is offered in three different modes to cater to your preferences.
  • The toolbar can be customized, tailoring it to your specific needs.
  • Flexibility to display or hide the toolbar and status bar based on your preferences.

Data Sheet

Software: OkMap Desktop
Language: Multilingual
Developer: OkMap
Medicine: MADARA_Release

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