PCDJ LYRX 1.10.2

Download PCDJ LYRX: It is a modern and universal karaoke software intended for all users.

An Overview of PCDJ LYRX

Presenting itself as a contemporary and dynamic karaoke software, PCDJ LYRX has been meticulously crafted to cater to the exacting requirements of today’s KJ. Employing the innovative ‘Extended Display Mode’ on your computer enables the transmission of lyrics to a secondary screen or projector in a grand, full-screen presentation. It facilitates the seamless operation of LYRX on your primary display, while vocalists can view the lyrics solely on the secondary screen.

The software can autonomously recognize the musical key of your chosen karaoke melodies. This ingenious feature ensures that when utilizing the critical stepper or implementing fundamental alterations to songs upon their addition to the singer rotation list, the software will promptly offer the modified key of the karaoke track. The bonus of independent tempo control empowers you to either accelerate or decelerate the track’s playback speed while preserving its pitch and critical attributes.

Within the realm of LYRX, the kingdom of creativity knows no bounds. The software empowers you to conjure captivating, multi-layered compositions of text, imagery, and video overlays, each meticulously crafted to be projected onto screen 2, delighting both singers and audience members alike. This versatile functionality may be harnessed for brand enhancement purposes, such as displaying your distinctive logo or showcasing any other visual or textual elements you wish to bring forth.

Characteristics of PCDJ LYRX

  • Extensive Support for High-Quality Karaoke File Formats
  • Seamless Transmission of Lyrics to Secondary Display (Occupying the Entire Screen)
  • Integrated Karaoke Song Repository
  • Musical Key Detection, Key Control, and Independent Tempo Adjustment
  • Comprehensive Record of Singers and Songs
  • Display of Upcoming Performers
  • Microphone Support Alongside Recording Capability
  • Automated Filler Music Playback
  • Composition of Overlays Comprising Text, Images, Videos, and Backgrounds

Data Sheet

Software: PCDJ LYRX
Developer: LYRX
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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