PDQ Deploy Enterprise 19.3.553.0

PDQ Deploy Enterprise Pre-Activated
PDQ Deploy Pre-Activated

PDQ Deploy Enterprise is a robust and advanced software deployment solution that facilitates deploying software updates and applications on various network computers.

An Overview of PDQ Deploy Enterprise

As a solution primarily aimed at IT experts and network administrators, PDQ Deploy allows simultaneous deployment of patches, software updates, and applications to multiple Windows computers. Furthermore, PDQ Deploy supports reporting functionality, allowing administrators to know the number of successful and unsuccessful deployments.

It facilitates ensuring that organizations maintain consistent software standards and security measures. PDQ Deploy’s intuitive design and robust deployment and scheduling capabilities make it an essential procuring agent for software security and uniformity within a large modern enterprise.

Features of PDQ Deploy Enterprise

  • Scheduled Deployments
  • Multi-Admin Access with a Shared Database
  • Package Library
  • Preferred Package Sharing
  • Advanced Deployment Options
  • Priority Email Support
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) Access
  • Detailed Deployment Reports
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Inventory Integration
  • Custom Variables and Scanning Profiles
  • Remote Desktop Connectivity
  • Wake-on-LAN (WoL) Support
  • Rollback Deployment


Software: PDQ Deploy Enterprise
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: PDQ
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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