PDQ Inventory Enterprise 19.3.553.0

PDQ Inventory Enterprise Pre-Activated
PDQ Inventory Enterprise Pre-Activated

PDQ Inventory Enterprise is a network inventory solution developed for system administrators to manage the equipment efficiently.

An Overview of PDQ Inventory Enterprise

It allows automated access to hardware, software, and Windows configuration data on each computer throughout the network. Due to the enterprise-class functionality, PDQ Inventory Enterprise offers greater access and management of networked devices, facilitating quick identification and elimination of potential issues before they can affect work productivity.

The program supports custom scanning, dynamic collections for organizing computers, and a wide range of report functions developed to help IT professionals remain calm and compliant, make better, and ensure network security. Integration with PDQ Deploy allows software installation from the same interface. The primary purpose of the PDQ Inventory is to benefit businesses by saving them considerable time and administration resources.

Features of PDQ Inventory Enterprise

  • Comprehensive hardware and software inventory tracking
  • Customizable inventory reports
  • Scheduled scanning and reporting
  • Active Directory integration for automated asset grouping
  • Multi-admin access with permission levels
  • Tools for remote computer management
  • Wake-on-LAN (WoL) support for remote computers
  • Advanced grouping and dynamic collections based on custom criteria
  • Customizable, interactive dashboards for at-a-glance insights
  • Command line interface (CLI) access for automation and scripting
  • Integration with PDQ Deploy for streamlined software deployment
  • Patch management capabilities
  • Real-time computer status monitoring
  • Optional Agent for gathering data from off-network computers
  • Secure inventory data storage and transmission
  • Extensive community support and resources

Data Sheet

Software: PDQ Inventory Enterprise
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: PDQ
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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