PhotoFiltre Studio 11.6.0

PhotoFiltre Studio Pre-Activated
PhotoFiltre Studio Pre-Activated

PhotoFiltre Studio is a comprehensive image editing software designed for amateurs and professionals who seek a wide array of tools to enhance and retouch their photos.

An Overview of PhotoFiltre Studio

It offers an intuitive interface that allows users to easily navigate its features, including a vast selection of filters, brushes, and drawing tools. The software supports layer-based editing, essential for complex image manipulation tasks, enabling users to work on different aspects of an image separately for greater control.

Additionally, this software includes advanced features such as vectorial selections, which allow for precise cutouts and adjustments. It supports various file formats, making it versatile for different workflows. Its simplicity and powerful editing capabilities provide an accessible platform for creating professional-quality graphics and photographic enhancements.

Characteristics of PhotoFiltre Studio

  • Intuitive and customizable layout.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Tabbed interface for working with multiple images.
  • Advanced tools such as clone stamp, magic wand, and vectorial selections.
  • Auto-improve options for quick adjustments.
  • Wide range of artistic filters.
  • Layer effects like drop shadow and outer glow.
  • Image correction filters like levels, curves, and de-noise.
  • Support for layers and layer masks.
  • Adjustment layers for non-destructive editing.
  • Advanced selection tools for precise editing.
  • Save and load selections for future use.

Data Sheet

Software: PhotoFiltre Studio
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Photofilter
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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