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Recuva is a program used for data recovery. With this software, you can recover the files that you have deleted from your internal or external hard drive, and flash memories, even if it was permanently.


In fact, there are some programs that are not capable of recovering them when the operating system has marked the space as free, but with Recuva, you will be able to do it without any problem. In addition to recovering data from the devices we have just talked about, you can also do it, for example, from mp3 players, memory cards or USBs, or flash memories.

Main Features of Recuva Professional

  • Scanning options
  • Quick scan
  • In-depth
  • Scan by file type
  • Add new file types
  • Scan capabilities
  • Full hard drive
  • Scan lost or deleted file recovery corrupted
  • Partition
  • Recovery external recovery
  • External drive
  • Recovery removable media
  • Recovery SD memory
  • Recovery optical storage recovery
Recuva is designed to recover deleted data. Take advantage of the fact that when files are deleted, they are not actually removed from your hard drive, and they become restorable until the space they occupy is overwritten with new files.
If you accidentally deleted files and emptied the Recycle Bin, or even suffered a hard drive virus problem, Recuva can help you get back your valuable data without paying expensive fees.
Recuva is extremely easy to use and is a refreshing alternative to the selection of data recovery tools. It’s a great piece of software to install in case you need it later, but it can also be installed as a portable app so you can open it on a USB drive and use it on multiple computers.
There are different ways to use Recuva, and the easiest option is to use the wizard. This will guide you through every step of the recovery process, although it does mean missing out on some of the program’s options.
The first stage of the Recuva wizard asks you to specify the type of file you want to track. You can search for any recoverable file, or you can speed up the process by limiting the search to, for example, image files. Searches can be restricted to individual folders or drives, including memories and CD / DVD. Alternatively, you can check everywhere – just be prepared for a long search (it can take over an hour to scan a large unit).
You can switch to Recuva’s advanced mode to unlock a large selection of additional options, but it provides much more information about the files that are found and the state they are in. For any file that is determined to be recoverable, Recuva uses a semaphore system to indicate the quality of the data.
In addition to the main program interface, Recuva can also be accessed through the Windows context menu. This means that finding deleted files is as simple as right-clicking on a folder or the Recycle Bin. This is useful if you know that you have deleted a file from a particular folder, as it saves you from having to start the program manually.
Fast and efficient, this is the best tool to recover deleted files that you must have on your computer.


Speccy monitors the hardware of the computer and displays information about the operating system and the characteristics of the installed hardware. With the help of the program, the user will be able to find out the version of the operating system, detailed information about the processor, operating memory, hard drive, motherboard, video card, etc. In addition, the temperature indicators of the processor and video card, as well as the operating frequency of RAM and processor bus speed, are displayed.


Defraggler is a defragmenter that can work both with an entire disk and with individual folders and files. Unlike similar programs, this tool has the useful ability to quickly and easily defragment only selected files, rather than processing the entire disk.
After launching and analyzing the hard drive, the application will display a list of all fragmented files. It is enough to select the files of interest and you will see their location on the disk, and the program will defragment them in a few seconds.

System Requirements

Operating systems: Windows 11, 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.
On the other hand, the hardware requirements such as hard disk space, ram memory, 
processor, screen resolution, and others are really minimal
that it is not necessary to specify them.

Data Sheet

Software: Recuva Professional
Language: Multilangual
Developer: Piriform
Medicine: Full_Version

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